Journal of Scientific Research Writing,Fall 2022

Introduction of Rising Researchers

This edition highlights students who participated in the four-week virtual research intensive. The course was designed to provide students with an introduction to the principles of scientific and microbiology research. Through lectures, hands-on experiments at home, class, and small group discussions, students delved into the microbial world with an emphasis on the interactions of microorganisms with humans, plants and their impact on disease and agriculture. The hands-on experiments emphasized the proper use of the scientific method to answer a research question, regarding host-microbe interactions, including Soil Microbiology, Rhizobia bacteria-legume symbiosis and Microbial genetics and identification of bacteria from host tissue.

Learning Units:

  • Scientific method and introduction to general microbiology
  • Host-microbe interactions, including Soil Microbiology
  • Rhizobia bacteria-legume symbiosis
  • Microbial genetics and microbiological identification of bacteria from host tissue

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