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Research Intensive For High School Students

Work with scientists from a top research university. Earn college credit. Develop a college-level research project. Get published. Stand out in the competitive college admissions process.

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Research Intensive For High School Students

Work with scientists from a top research university. Earn college credit. Develop a college-level research project. Get published. Stand out in the competitive college admissions process.

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Rising Researchers is a research experience like no other. This research program offers college credit, a certificate of completion, and has clear deliverables that provide our students with an edge in college admissions. 

  • Work virtually, while still performing cutting edge research, under the guidance of a scientist at a top research university
  • Earn 2 college credits
  • Receive a certificate of completion – highlighting your participation in college-level research 
  • Work is showcased through a research report + poster presentation
  • Publication in UMass’s research journal
  • Weekly office hours for individualized support from both the scientist running the course + an experienced admissions counselor who will show you how to highlight this experience

  • Winter 2023

    Machine Learning for Health Equity Research Intensive Camp

    Course Overview

    Welcome to our winter Research Intensives Course where we will explore the use of computing and statistical tools for health equity research. This is an 8-week online winter research class with four learning units organized by themes.

    The course is designed to provide you with an introduction to statistical and machine learning techniques for understanding, finding, and explaining health equity gaps in electronic health records data. Through lectures, hands-on experiments, public electronic health records databases, basic machine learning algorithms, basic statistical skills and tools, class and small group discussions, and oral presentations, we will delve into the computational world with emphasis on human diseases like cardiovascular disease and health equity issues. The hands-on patient cohort selection and machine learning modeling will emphasize the proper use of the scientific method to answer a research question, develop a hypothesis, carry out computational tasks, make observations, analyze, interpret and communicate results.

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    Course syllabus and learning objectives can be found here

    Learning Units

    • Introduction to the scientific method of research; with emphasis on hypothesis
      generation and testing, using statistical tests.

    • Introduction to statistical sampling and patient selection criteria.

    • Introduction to social determinants of health (SDoH) and their importance in
      patient care and health outcomes.

    • Introduction to machine learning modeling tools to detect and “explain” health
      equity gaps and their association with social determinants of health.

    Program Details

    Dates: January 9 – March 23, 2023

    Schedule: Mon/Tues/Wed 7pm – 8:30pm ET/4pm – 5:30pm PT (live lessons), office hours + Q&A on Thurs & Fri evenings & by appointment.

    Academic Credit: 2 College Credits + Certification of Completion issued by University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMass)

    Student Profile: Rising 9th – 12th grade. International students are welcome to apply.

    Course Prerequisites: This course has no course prerequisites, but requires students to be committed to attend classes, learn, fully participate in the class experiments and discussions, and be respectful to each other.

    Format: Online with live (synchronous) sessions + offline (asynchronous) assignments.

    Cost: $4,900. Apply by Nov 1 to get $200 off. 

    Payment Details: A 50% deposit is required to secure a student’s spot, with the remaining balance due 60 days prior to the program start date. Non-refundable.

    Application Deadline: December 19, 2022 or when all spots have been filled (rolling admissions). Space is limited.

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    Course syllabus and learning objectives can be found here
  • Summer 2023

    More information coming soon…

Meet Our Happy Students & Parents

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College Admissions Advantage

It is getting increasingly harder to stand out from the masses in the college admissions process. A high GPA is simply not enough to get into a top-tier university. How students spend their time outside of the classroom is closely examined and is an integral part of the application process.

With more colleges becoming test-optional, increased emphasis is placed on extracurricular achievements. It is critical to demonstrate depth and commitment in your activities.

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Direct Medical (BS/MD) Applicants

With the acceptance rates at U.S. medical schools being so low and the admissions process so grueling, BS/MD Programs have grown in both popularity and competitiveness. These programs have always been selective, but with each passing application cycle, the competition is getting fiercer.

A strong BS/MD applicant will have in-depth experience in both clinical and research fields. Rising Researchers provides a way for BS/MD applicants to gain valuable research experience.

Growing Competition & Low Acceptance Rates


# Applicants

# Seats

Admit Rate

BS/MD: George Washington University




BS/MD: Case Western Reserve University




BS/MD: Penn State University




BS/MD:  Brown University




BS/MD: University of Connecticut




BS/MD: University of Pittsburgh




BS/MD: Rochester Institute of Technology




Harvard University




Yale University




Princeton University




Duke University




Brown University




University of Pennsylvania




Columbia University




Dartmouth University




Cornell University




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What Makes Rising Researchers Unique?


Earn college credit while performing college-level research. Few competitors offer college credit. Not all research experiences are created equal; college credit from a top research university like UMass ensures the high standard of the course.

Work with a leading scientist from UMass to perform detailed research in a nurturing and team-focused atmosphere.

Students learn how to take their research to the next level by getting it published in a scientific research journal. Detailed steps and guidance are provided to each student.

Courses are in the evening, allowing students to pursue other commitments during the day.

Small course size, individualized attention.

Get Published In A Scientific Research Journal

Not only do students earn 2 college credits, but they will also have their research published in UMass’s scientific research journal. This intensive course walks students through the entire scientific writing process with the goal of creating a research report and poster that will be published. Stand out in the competitive college admissions process by submitting your publication with your college applications. 

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View the latest publications, featuring college-level research by talented high school students.

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