Answers To Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • What grade levels is the program open to?

    Rising Researchers is open to students at all high school levels (rising 9th – 12th) and college students. Exceptions can be made for younger students who demonstrate exceptional maturity and commitment to research. 

  • Is the program open to international students?

    Yes, Rising Researchers is open to international students. All of the sessions will be conducted in English. 

  • How does the program accommodate students who live in different time zones?

    Our mentors are located in different time zones across the United States. One of the most unique aspects of our one-on-one program is the flexibility of live, synchronous sessions. You will be able to schedule each of your sessions based on your availability, including nights and weekends.

  • What are the admission criteria?

    No prior research experience is required. The only criteria are a willingness to learn and the determination to put in the necessary effort. 

    For the one-on-one option, you will be paired with a research mentor based on your level of experience and the curriculum will be tailored to your individual needs. 

  • How is Rising Researchers different from other research programs?

    While other research programs are focused on fostering laboratory skills, Rising Researchers aims to develop data analysis, publication writing, and presentation skills. These qualities are highly sought after at research institutions and medical schools. 

    Furthermore, the Rising Researchers curriculum was created by our research mentors, who are not only experienced in research but also BS/MD and medical school admissions. We aim to help students gain a different perspective on research seldom available elsewhere. We also strive to provide an experience to help them stand out in the BS/MD and medical school admissions process.  

  • What kind of experiences can I expect?

    Rising Researchers offers both a one-on-one and small class cohort option, based on the student’s preference. 

    Both options guide students in designing and developing their research project, while also practicing presenting scientific information in a poster session.

  • Does attending Rising Researchers improve my chances of being accepted at top universities/Direct Medical Programs?

    Top universities, direct medical programs, and medical schools recruit and select students who challenge themselves and actively engage in their passions. Participation in Rising Researchers can help demonstrate your academic rigor with deliverables such as a publication of your research work and a poster presentation. 

  • Do I need to pursue pre-med or BS/MD to participate in Rising Researchers?

    No, Rising Researchers is open to anyone interested in further developing their research skills. 

  • What is the time commitment for students?

    Students will receive homework/assignments after each live session. All assignments will be graded and receive feedback from the research mentor. Time must be dedicated outside of the class experience to adequately complete the research project. Homework is estimated to take up to 1-2 hours per week. 

  • Is publication in the research journal guaranteed?

    Publication in the research journal is based on several factors, including academic integrity, overall course grade, and quality of the research manuscript. Manuscripts that do not adhere to the standards of the authorship guidelines will not be published. These factors serve to protect the scientific integrity of our research journal. 

  • Can students select their own research topic?

    Yes, but this option is only available for the one-on-one option. Students can select a research focus. They can explore a research topic they are interested in or brainstorm new ideas with their mentor. The entire process is customizable. 

    For the small class cohort, the research mentor selects the topic and the syllabus is published in advance.

  • Is it necessary for students to have a topic in mind?

    No. Students in the one-on-one option can work with their research mentor to pick a topic together.

  • Is the data set published data?

    Our data set is not published data. The data set is an example study. Students will learn how to use Excel to calculate t-tests and correlation, as well as interpret statistical significance. Students will practice organizing and graphing their data. It’s designed to be an elementary introduction based on what they may be asked to do in a research setting.

  • Do you offer payment plans? Refunds?

    No, we do not offer payment plans or refunds. In order to be paired with a mentor, payments must be made in full. We do understand that situations may arise that hinder students from completing their research; we will handle all issues on a case-by-case basis. We share the same goal with students/parents: a successful experience for the student. Therefore, we try our best to be accommodating.

  • What happens if I miss a class?

    For the one-on-one option, if a session needs to be rescheduled, let your research mentor know at least 24 hours in advance and this request can be accommodated. If a student fails to show up for a scheduled class or cancels within 12 hours, the class is forfeited and a make-up class will not be scheduled 

    For the small class cohorts, the following guidelines exist:

    • Classes cannot be rescheduled. Due to the short timeframe, there are no makeup classes. 
    • If a student fails to show up for a scheduled class the class is forfeited.
    • Students should make every effort to attend all classes. The only excused absences are emergencies or illness.
    • Classes are recorded and students can watch the recording for any missed class. Office hours are also available to help the student catch up on any missed work.
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