Science-Focused Research Projects

Our Students Stand Out & Get In

Parents and students are realizing that it takes a lot more than a high GPA to get into the Ivy League, BS/MD Programs, and Medical School. With admission rates dwindling year after year, students are going to great lengths to differentiate themselves. The experienced team at Rising Researchers knows what it takes to stand out – to achieve that WOW factor. The way a student spends their time outside of the classroom is just as critical as the grades they receive in the classroom. Extracurriculars count – Big Time! That is why our program has clear deliverables and is structured around giving our students the best resources to showcase themselves.

The Rising Researchers Team

  • A team of dedicated research mentors committed to helping you build your academic profile and gain meaningful research experience.
  • We work around your schedule and in your time zone. Research Mentors are available nights and weekends.
  • Rising Researchers specializes in Direct Medical Programs (BS/MD, BS/DO), Pre-med, and Medical School. Our research and focus are in line with students pursuing a career in medicine, research, and STEM.

Potential Research Topics

  • Dermatologic conditions
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Infectious Disease
  • Public Health
  • Substance Use
  • Mental Health
  • Microbiology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Wounds and Injuries
  • Radiologic Imaging Technologies
  • Rare Disease Pathologies
  • Medical Finance and Business
  • Mental Education
  • Community Health
  • Molecular Biology
  • Artificial Intelligence

Research Mentors

Medical and Ph.D. professionals who have extensive research experience. They have been accepted to some of the most competitive medical schools and Ph.D. programs in the world and know what a strong candidate looks like. Specializing in guiding students in obtaining hands-on research experiences to strengthen their student profiles.

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