Kristen Moon

Founder and CEO

Kristen founded Rising Researchers to fill a gap she saw with her aspiring BS/MD and Medical School candidates. Many research experiences were not open to younger students. Others lacked clear deliverables and often the experience was not worth the time and energy. Rising Researchers is a customizable research experience, with clear deliverables, and a STEM focus.

Atlanta, Georgia

MBA, Emory University
BS, Engineering, Stony Brook University


Kristen Moon is the founder and CEO of Moon Prep and Rising Researchers. The two companies complement each other as the focus is on mentorship to build a strong student profile for competitive BS/MD and Medical School Admissions.

Kristen leads a team of dedicated and trusted professionals that deliver on a clear mission: partnering with ambitious students to prepare them for a successful journey into medicine. With a particular focus on MD, DO, BS/MD, and BS/DO programs, Kristen has assembled a team of experienced independent counselors and research mentors who build long-term relationships with students and their families. 

As the author of BS/MD Programs: A Comprehensive Guide, Moon Prep’s Guide to MMI, Moon Prep’s Guide to Casper, and a regular contributor to Forbes, Kristen’s highly-sought expertise has also been featured in leading outlets such as the U.S. News & World Report, Investopedia, Mass Mutual, Apple News, Inc., and more.