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Total Investment: $4900

This is a 10-session course where each class is a one-on-one session scheduled once a week with your research mentor. The sessions will be scheduled based on your availability. 

Each live session will be a 60-75-minute meeting held virtually via Zoom.

Course Time Commitment And Logistics

Students and Research Mentors will commit to both online and offline work throughout the course.

Students will receive homework/assignments after each live session. All assignments will be graded and receive feedback from the research mentor. Time must be dedicated outside of the class experience to adequately complete the research project.

Work extends beyond the live, virtual classes. Offline work performed by the research mentors includes email communication, grading assignments, poster editing, research paper editing, submitting work for publication, letters of recommendation (customized for the student), and support/mentoring for the student.

The course is to be completed within a 4-month period. The course can be completed in a shorter period of time if the student is dedicated. The course length is completely dependent on the student’s availability and time commitment. It is recommended to have one session per week with your mentor, but this can be adjusted. The Rising Researchers team will work around the student’s schedules and support them throughout the process. Evening and weekend sessions are available.   


View course syllabus and learning objectives

Clinical Topics in Healthcare 

Microbiology, Bioinformatics, Molecular Biology

Invest in your future by working one-on-one with an experienced Research Mentor. Schedule a free consultation to learn more.

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